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Hand Contruction Methods

Open Hand Palm Up

Open Hand Palm Tutorial

Begin your hand by drawing the palm as a flexable 3-d Rectangle with an overlap to accomadate the thumb. The reason for the "3D" compontent to this is that it will allow you to see how the palm of the hand is twisting in space. Whether it is open and flat, or cupped, or viewed from a side or 3/4 view. From there, draw yourself some guides to aid in finger placement. A radius of 4 lines from the wrist will assist you in making sure that the fingers are spaced appropriately. Two arcs will help you place the major bends and tips of your fingers.

Cupped Hand

How to draw a Cupped Hand in 5 Steps

Begin your hand once again by representing the palm as a 3-D bendable rectangle and a meatier oval shape for the opposable thumb to branch off of. Create some guidelines for your finger placement, as this will keep your drawing from becoming too chaotic. The finger bones will branch out from the wrist, even under the palm of your hand in an even array. Draw a pair of arcs to guide the placement of the tips of your fingers and the major bend in the knuckles. Finally, block in the fingers as a series of small tubes that overlap at the joints.


How to Draw a Fist

Again we work with a 3D rectangle to guidelines to tube-fingers, and poof! Our hand is complete. The system doesn't change. It's important to note that you literally have all the reference you need right at your fingertips. If you want to know how to draw a hand in a fist... make a fist, hold the position, and draw from it. Rotate it around for different views. Though hands are always being complained about as being the most difficult part of the body to draw (and with good reason, they are very complex!) they are also the one that you have the most readily available reference for at any time!

Back of the Hand

How to Draw the Back of the Hand

Are you sort of noticing a pattern with how I'm creating these hands? The system is the same as before, the only difference is the way that the palm is facing and the placement of the fingers themselves. You can use these 3D objects and guides to help you draw any hand.

Thumbs Up!

How to Draw a Thumbs Up

I hope that you found this tutorial useful! Good luck drawing excellent hands for your characters!

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