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(46863) (link) Oekaki by [anon]reluctantbrony, total drawing time 1 : 10 : 15

[anon]reluctantbrony 2014/4/19 - 9:31:6
Well, this turned out more elaborate that I planned... I just hope it took long enough for this board.

A really old Warhammer 40k of mine I decided to resurrect. No name yet.

(46862) (link) Oekaki by elmina5, total drawing time 0 : 58 : 36

elmina5 [Profile] 2014/4/18 - 18:40:52
So here's a sea serpent for all you people. I have a swim competition and I'm really nervous about it. Wish me luck!!!!

kestrelflight [Profile] 2014/4/18 - 21:38:34
That's a cool sea serpent! Love the tail. Good luck on your competition :D

(46861) (link) Oekaki by tayuyaxn, total drawing time 1 : 29 : 25

tayuyaxn [Profile] 2014/4/17 - 9:21:27

arya [Profile] 2014/4/17 - 10:34:8
Holy cow this is epic.

(46860) (link) Oekaki by neduls, total drawing time 0 : 50 : 27

neduls [Profile] 2014/4/15 - 22:27:59
Early Luna.

Java recently updated and oekaki is working beautifully for me btw.

missscythe [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 4:28:38
aah those colours you've used to shade the hair!! ♥ beautiful!
dreyacira [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 18:13:10
I agree, those hair colors are just lovely. I love that you're not afraid to give your character a distinctive nose too. I feel like most people (including me) are kinda scared of noses and don't give them much thought, but they really add to characters' personalities.
neduls [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 20:28:2
Thank you ladies(?) on the comments on the colors. Every time I try to use a purple tone to shade I always get scared that Imma go to heavy and change the actual color, but this time I said fk it.

Also! I love noses. I've always tried to at least makes my noses somewhat different and even if I cannot necessarily draw it myself, I still know what it should look like. x.x
arya [Profile] 2014/4/17 - 3:53:48
Oooh I love the sharpness os your lines, lovely.

(46859) (link) Oekaki by arya, total drawing time 1 : 14 : 34

arya [Profile] 2014/4/13 - 19:37:31
Why is it that we can never save someone in time? Why is it that when we feel the closest to them, they're the furthest away? Why is it that in your last moments, you feel the most alone, no matter who is by your side?
Sorry for the raincloud post here, but I really just need to let this out.
So... my boyfriend of 3 years killed himself two nights ago. And I'm having a really hard time getting through it, because I feel like there was something I could've done. Something I could've said. And I miss him so much that I could hardly breathe through the tears while I drew this. We both dealt with depression and anxiety, and he's the one who got me out of some really dark times. Drawing things seemed to help, so if I have any major style changes, its because I've been living in my sketchbook. He taught me guitar, too, and we both did music together to get out of any blues. We also cooked a lot, although I admit he was better than I am haha. I've gotten better these last few months, and I've been able to put the blade down. It seemed like he was getting better, too... And I curse myself for not noticing something, for not getting there in time, for everything..... Its going to be really hard to pick myself up again, because I feel like he is everywhere, but nowhere at the same time. Cold sheets, no lights on, no smell of his cologne... but yet when I lay in the dark, I can still feel his indent in the pillow or feel a warm breeze pass over my face.
I dream of him, the same dream over and over. Even if I wake up and go back to sleep, which I admit to not getting much of lately. In the dream, I always go home to get something, and I just find him there, surrounded by broken mirrors and blood. And I run over to him and try to stitch up his cuts because the phone won't call 911. He just gets paler and he holds my head in his hands and says "I was ashamed to look at myself, so I broke all of the mirrors... I'm going to be okay, though. I can't see my hands anymore, since its so dark in here." and he just falls backwards and bleeds out on the floor, no matter what I do.
And I swear that I'm going crazy for waking up and expecting him to be there.
I should stop before I get too into depth here. Sorry guys. Anyway, I did a portrait of him... And I've decided that my next few pieces will be of him, in his happier days. I suppose its my way of saying goodbye. So I apologize now for the spam to come.

prysm [Profile] 2014/4/13 - 21:17:7
I'm sorry this has happened. I imagine the pain is unbearable. This isn't your fault.
Please stay strong. I hope that you do not follow in his steps..
NDA is here for you, dear.
*long hug*
[anon]miles 2014/4/13 - 21:53:50
i'm so sorry to hear this and that you have to deal with it :^( prysm is right, this isn't your fault. i really wish there was something more that i could do for you but for now all i can offer you is my sympathy. i hope this pain is able to pass soon. we believe in you and we're all here for you!
missscythe [Profile] 2014/4/13 - 22:35:21
I can't comprehend what you must be going through, there are really no words that could heal your grief. I've honestly been sitting here just wondering what I could possibly say to help but I know there's so little I can do.
I would be thrilled if you flooded the board with your work, particularly if that's your means of closure. This is our oekaki that you are very much a part of and your work should be encouraged no matter the amount! There is no need to apologise.
I'm so unbelievably sorry for your loss. Please don't feel responsible for something like this, surely he would not wish for you to feel that way either.
We are here for you during this hard time. My thoughts are with you. x
elenorasweet [Profile] 2014/4/14 - 2:22:9
I hope I don't come off as a jerk when I say I get what you're going through, though I wish I didn't. I hope drawing helps, I hope you find ways to cope, people to talk to. I know shrinks have a bad rep, but if you ever need to talk to a stranger- it does help sometimes, if you can find one you can connect with. And if you need to talk, I could give you my email- I'm no professional, but I'm a pretty good listener?
arya [Profile] 2014/4/14 - 3:35:40
Thanks, guys, it means a lot to me that you're all here.
Prysm: Thank you, and no, I think I've learned through this the type of agony a death can put on others. So I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else.
Miles: Thank you, Miles. It means a lot to me.
Missscythe: Thank you for your kind words. I'll be putting up some pics later :)
Elenorasweet: Thank you for the offer, I may take it up later. Right now, I feel like its better to not talk a whole bunch, but maybe later when the storm passes a bit.
wolven [Profile] 2014/4/14 - 9:37:41
I'm... I'm not overly sure what all i can say. I guess the key thing is that everybody on these boards cares for one another, and so we will all definitely be here to help you in any and all ways that we can.
I have next to no experience in dealing with this kind of issue, so I can't pretend to understand everything you must be feeling. That said, I think something that may help would be to cherish the memories you have of your boyfriend; that and do what the others said: let it all out in your art. If it helps you cope by giving you a release or anything like that, then I reckon that's a good thing to do.
I really wish there was more that I could do to help. Here's hoping you can get through this, and I for one really hope you do. Don't give up, whatever happens, Arya! We're here for you, so you know where to find us!
arya [Profile] 2014/4/14 - 16:32:9
Aw thank you Wolven TT_TT I love you guys so much, I honestly broke down crying reading all of your kind comments... Thank you, words cannot express.
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/4/14 - 18:23:8
I pray for your strength,Arya. He isn't gone. As long as you keep him in your heart,he lives on. Life is like this. You'll get lost but you'll always be found. Just know your not alone. No matter how your heart is grieving, no matter how hard the obstacle, I know you can make it through. :-)
dreyacira [Profile] 2014/4/15 - 4:19:18
I'm really sad to hear about this tragedy. I can't say anything that hasn't been said already, but I wanted to let you know that I'm here for you as well. I'll keep you in my thoughts and hopes.
imagamaker [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 4:28:27
It looks like the commenters above me have covered the matter already, but I want to let you know I am sorry for your loss...
Remember that your family and friends are there for you, and I hope things will perk up for you soon. Be strong :)
silvershadow [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 19:23:46
*offers the ineffective solace of an Internet hug* I wish I could give you a real one. <3 I'm so terribly sorry... Don't be too hard on yourself. *hugs again* Like already mentioned, I'm trying to think of something to say, but I truly can't speak... I just want to let you know that we all love you here, and we care for you and are here for you. Draw as much as you possibly can, m'dear! <3 No need to apologize. *hugs again, tightly* I am so very sorry...
arya [Profile] 2014/4/17 - 3:54:26
Thank you so much, you guys :)

(46858) (link) Oekaki by heather, total drawing time 14 : 42 : 27

heather [Profile] 2014/4/12 - 20:9:35
Was practicing with layers but decided he looked better this way that and I got tired of working on him, just a random dragon as my test subject.

view the animation if you wish to see how he looked before and tell me which version you liked better.

Also C&C is welcome but not necessary

I already know my issues with the wings...

[anon]whoviandragon 2014/4/13 - 6:22:53
*GASP* So.... beautiful....
wolven [Profile] 2014/4/13 - 16:17:27
I made known my concerns over FB to you heather, so i won't bother with that.
I will however commend you! That head is absolutely amazing. Maybe its the angle that gets me, or the detail in the teeth, or the swooshingness of the horns! Not overly sure, but its great!
You are improving very very swiftly heather. Keep up this standard of work! :D

(46857) (link) Oekaki by exoticdreamer, total drawing time 2 : 0 : 26

exoticdreamer [Profile] 2014/4/10 - 19:39:16
ravmping old, unused characters for no reason.

[anon]hiro_thekiller 2014/4/11 - 11:23:35
She's very pretty! (Unless she's a guy!) I like all the autumn colors...the red is very nice.
zoingishly [Profile] 2014/4/12 - 10:58:2
It's a boy, Hiro~

I've always loved your use of bright colors against dark cool ones~ Your images often pop off of the page because of it. <3

(46856) (link) Oekaki by frost_star, total drawing time 0 : 54 : 17

frost_star [Profile] 2014/4/10 - 11:21:20

skullzhead [Profile] 2014/4/10 - 11:48:41
This looks amazing! It's so dynamic!
amyd [Profile] 2014/4/10 - 15:15:20
This is so awesome!!! I love the colours of the grass and how they blend into each other. I love the little figure in the middle as well.
catgirl [Profile] 2014/4/11 - 8:8:56
oh, that's cool.
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/4/11 - 13:31:20
So inspiring....

(46855) (link) Oekaki by hanet, total drawing time 1 : 19 : 20

hanet [Profile] 2014/4/9 - 2:52:17
Any suggestions on the name ?

[anon]whoviandragon 2014/4/9 - 14:54:17
[anon]hiro_thekiller 2014/4/10 - 12:13:30
Hmm...Mena? Maybe Reo or Rea?
wolven [Profile] 2014/4/13 - 16:12:49
Going by the hair colour... what about: Magenta? or perhaps: Corcra? (That's Irish for 'purple' )

Excellent picture by the way, good body anatomy and i like how you've captured the folds in the clothes. Nicely done.
[anon]hanet 2014/4/18 - 5:48:57
It isn't a characater from an anime. I made her, but I am still in the. . making of her appearance . if any one has any tweeks or advice on what should I add or remove please comment. The only thing I will not remove is her pink hair and the cat.
i she had a name , but the name is dull . If someone wants to re draw her and link me to it I would love that ^_^ I just need some tweeks to make her the best as possible because. she is going to be the main character of my anime xD

(46854) (link) Oekaki by overtherainbow, total drawing time 8 : 22 : 20

overtherainbow [Profile] 2014/4/8 - 20:0:4
Hey it is Miku8mycupcake! I am now overtherainbow! I kind of lost interest near the middle, so I tried to do something with water color. hope you like it C&C please! ^^

overtherainbow [Profile] 2014/4/8 - 20:0:55
umm and this did not take 8 hours...i have a bad habbit of leaving the page open and multitasking with other things ha
[anon]miles 2014/4/10 - 2:47:19
hey welcome back! nice to see you again :3 i like the details on the fur!

(46851) (link) Oekaki by spencerh, total drawing time 0 : 51 : 4

spencerh [Profile] 2014/4/1 - 16:13:23
Not really sure where this came from. I was planning for an animation and these two characters came up. Maybe I'll use em in the future.

catgirl [Profile] 2014/4/2 - 3:6:13
They're adorable, I want to see them again.
missscythe [Profile] 2014/4/2 - 4:12:6
oh how adorable are they !
love the poses and overall composition, soso cuteee
kestrelflight [Profile] 2014/4/2 - 7:26:50
It all looks so soft! I'm loving the faded spots
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/4/3 - 4:52:44
Aaww.... They're so cute bein' like buddies and stuff... ;u;
kay6297 [Profile] 2014/4/5 - 9:25:26
you make drawing look so effortless and easy with those smooth lines and mostly clean coloring and shading
[anon]spencerh 2014/4/5 - 11:59:15
Haha believe me. I wish I could say this was effortless. Im actually surprised it worked out that well.
arya [Profile] 2014/4/7 - 6:11:13
Awwww they are soooo cute!
dreyacira [Profile] 2014/4/9 - 6:19:31
This is so cute, I really love your style!

(46850) (link) Oekaki by elmina5, total drawing time 1 : 38 : 27

elmina5 [Profile] 2014/3/28 - 18:56:30
Here's another dragon for all you dragon lovers out there! This one is kind of plain, but, oh well.

skullzhead [Profile] 2014/3/29 - 19:25:14
I love it! The wings are fantastic!! Swell job. :3
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/3/30 - 18:42:26
I agree with Skullzhead. The wings are beautiful!
[anon]pyrohyper 2014/4/3 - 13:46:27
Your wings are a little too small. If the Dragon were to actually fly, it would need bigger wings then that.
elmina5 [Profile] 2014/4/5 - 13:50:21
Thanks for the tip, next time my dragons will have much bigger wings so it can get actually get off the ground!
dreyacira [Profile] 2014/4/16 - 18:17:22
Actually I think the wings are okay here...They're folded a little, and I think if the dragon were to stretch them out fully they'd be at a good length. You can't get too technical about anatomy with dragons, since they don't exist. You can look at real animals, and some birds have shorter, smaller wings and still fly around just fine. I think you did a great job with the anatomy of the wing and I like the way you drew the legs.

(46849) (link) Oekaki by arya, total drawing time 1 : 52 : 33

arya [Profile] 2014/3/27 - 12:13:13
Just a doodle, wanted to work with lighting and some textures. C&C welcome!

[anon]whoviandragon 2014/3/28 - 18:59:3
The darkness, it is my only company. It cannot reply when I speak, and I preffer it doesn't. It cant speak but it threatens my existence. I talk to it anyways. I guess thats why I am here. Ive gone mad.
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/3/28 - 18:59:4
The darkness, it is my only company. It cannot reply when I speak, and I preffer it doesn't. It cant speak but it threatens my existence. I talk to it anyways. I guess thats why I am here. Ive gone mad.
arya [Profile] 2014/3/29 - 10:20:33
Oooh thats very neat, thanks :3 Well written.
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/3/30 - 14:45:37
[anon]miles 2014/4/10 - 2:47:54
you pull off these dark colours really well !!
arya [Profile] 2014/4/10 - 12:15:42
Thanks Miles :3

(46847) (link) Oekaki by elmina5, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 45

elmina5 [Profile] 2014/3/23 - 16:15:5
Hey everyone! I'm new here, so you wouldn't have seen me around. What you see up here is my namesake, Elmina. Pretty much a dragon version that i see myself as. :)

prysm [Profile] 2014/3/23 - 20:23:30
Hello and welcome to the boards. ^_^ I like the back legs of your dragon self.
amyd [Profile] 2014/3/24 - 14:6:25
Welcome. Its nice to see that more people are joining the boards.
I love how you drew this dragon, especially its feet. I hope to see much more of your drawing up on the boards!
elmina5 [Profile] 2014/3/24 - 14:19:14
Thanks! I was really excited when I found out about this, so I decided to join!
dreamsorrow3 [Profile] 2014/3/25 - 20:21:52
hello, hello! we don't get too many new members anymore :) i hope you enjoy your stay!
[anon]miles 2014/4/10 - 2:48:45
you make a cool-looking dragon! welcome :D

(46846) (link) Oekaki by [anon]reluctantbrony, total drawing time 1 : 42 : 10

[anon]reluctantbrony 2014/3/23 - 8:22:37

Your name is ERIDAN AMPORA and you would call yourself a SEA-DWELLER if you knew what one of them was. In fact, you have no idea what a SEA even is. You've heard tell from your fellow LOW-BLOODS that it was some sort of body of WATER, sometimes many miles deep and even wider, that your ANCESTORS used to live in, but you know for a fact that that's a STORY FOR STUPID WIGGLERS. WATER, of course, is not only scarce but highly radioactive. DRINKING the stuff before purification, let alone SWIMMING IN IT, is deadly. LIVING in the stuff would be SUICIDE. If this story is true, you have come to the conclusion that your ancestors were COMPLETE MORONS. No wonder your blood colour is NEARLY EXTINCT.

[anon]megido 2014/3/25 - 17:25:10
oh my gosh! is this a one-shot or are you starting a fan-venture on the mspa forums? cause this sounds awesome!! *3*
[anon]reluctantbrony 2014/3/26 - 3:2:17
Thank you! <3

I would, but... Tbh, I'm too lazy. XD I've started up RP blogs and ask-a-character blogs in the past, done about five pages' worth and then lost interest. I'm all eager for a while and then it's just "Oh gods, not more drawing!". It just lets the fans down, you know?

And I've got uni work to do right now, that comes first... But I do have a massive summer break, maybe then?

[anon]miles 2014/4/10 - 2:49:33
interesting concept! i havent seen homestuck art on here in suuuchhhh a long time. its nice to see it brought back

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