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Announcement: On September 10th 2014, we lost a dear member of our oekaki family. Linda Bower better known as Shamelessaardvark or Tigerchimera is no longer with us. Please take a moment to remember her. If you'd like to do something in her memory please follow the link to an art memorial Zoing has set up to send to her family. She will forever be a part of our family.

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(46609) (link) Oekaki by [anon]weinermobile, total drawing time 1 : 3 : 38

[anon]weinermobile 2013/8/8 - 22:31:22
I haven't been here in about a million and a half years, but if you can guess who I am I'll do you a little doodle like this. :>

Also, I'd just like to say that you guys are posting lovely artwork, as always. It's so nice to see new faces and to see the old ones making leaps and bounds. It's been so long, but I hope to be part of the wonderful community here again. <:3

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 22:48:18
I am sorry to say I do not recognize this, but I really like it! The colors and the details are very pleasant to look at!
[anon]weinermobile 2013/8/8 - 23:15:37
Hahah, thank you! I intentionally made it kind of hard; I really don't normally draw like this. ;>
prysm [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 19:29:38
Judging by your doodle on the other page, I wanna say you're like kenderkat or something like that.
lovelylonely [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 19:35:42
I immediately thought mawile or chippy c:

and I really like how the wings are drawn
[anon]weinermobile 2013/8/9 - 19:40:39
Dingdingding: Lovely, you got it! ;D

(46608) (link) Oekaki by skullzhead, total drawing time 7 : 7 : 6

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 22:24:12
I am finishing this in SAI.
Based of a RP I've been working on with a friend.
It's got a pretty fun story behind it.
comments are nice and you know.... ehehe.

prysm [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 10:18:16
It looks great so far.
chelsealeathedragonqueen [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 12:18:36
Lovely! I love black and white pics...... And that guy is pretty good looking :P
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 19:28:17
Really lovely expressions here! I love the threatening posture of the wolf. The details are great, you did a nice job with the black and white.

(46607) (link) Oekaki by docile_dragon, total drawing time 5 : 5 : 42

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 19:35:21
Its been a while since I've done something in this style, but I think I did pretty well. I hope you like this crazy4dragons.
Helioid belongs to crazy4dragons
Zuleika belongs to me

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 19:36:49
Yikes, I don't think it took 5 hours more like two or three
therockhunter [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 8:57:48
Oh my goodness! I love it so much! The colors go really well together and everything looks so nice! :)
I really like the way Helioid's body curves, and Zuleika's wings. :)
Anyway, yeah, this is just so awesome! I can't thank you enough! :D
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/10 - 8:38:1
I'm glad you like it :) I had fun doing it. I can't thank you enough for the art you've done of my characters.

(46606) (link) Oekaki by therockhunter, total drawing time 2 : 12 : 52

therockhunter [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 12:12:49
Okay, not sure if this made the 45 minute requirement, if it didn't, I would really appreciate it being moved to Quicklings. :)

Anyway, worked on this in short bursts, this is a pixel icon for docile_dragon. Felt like making more giftart, and I've never drawn Avis, so I thought I'd give it a try. I plan on making the blue transparent once I submit it to dA.
Docile, don't feel obligated to use this. :P

Anyway, C & C is welcomed and appreciated, I hardly draw birds, let alone pixel them!

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 13:50:44
aflsjfosh Its hard to express my excitement/pleasure in written form at the moment. I love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Thanks :D
therockhunter [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 8:55:1
@docile_dragon: No problem! Glad you like it! :D
floodcontrol [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 17:3:41
Can you teach me the ways of the pixel artist?
this is really cool.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/8/10 - 3:43:1
awww, cute little Avisbirdie!

(46605) (link) Oekaki by therockhunter, total drawing time 5 : 32 : 15

therockhunter [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 9:5:31
Just doing some pixeling while Flight Rising is down....
I was trying too kill two birds with one stone (just wait for pun...) and pixeling my Guardian, Stone (get it! ;) ). I was trying to work on clothing, and Guardians in general.

Also, if you watch the animation, you'll see why this took so incredibly long... it took a while for me to settle on one idea!

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 12:53:25
All the ideas you were coming up with were pretty good too
This is literally the neatest thing ever. I love the colors and the perfect highlights. Pixel work is pretty much impossible for me, so really nice job!
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 19:38:51
This looks really good. the face and apparel are very well done. The only critique I have is that the crest/scales on the front/bottom of a guardian come further down.
therockhunter [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 8:54:31
@skullzhead: Haha, thank you so much! You comments really mean a lot. :)

@docile_dragon: Thanks you! And you're totally right... I have a lot of trouble with Guardians, so I'm trying to practice with them more, I appreciate your critique! :)

(46604) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 4 : 4 : 46

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 21:33:52
Nero for nightstar54.
Just joking! Lol well anyways I used another program to do Nero. I intended on using Neondragonart to draw him, but I wanted to use some of the options that can be used on the other program. So here he is (its on my blog look under "Artwork" I made it bigger then the others so you can't miss it): [link]
So I didn't know what board to use to give my link. If you guys have a better idea where to put it let me know.
C&C welcome for the serious Nero, not the bald chicken :D

nighstar54 [Profile] 2013/8/15 - 18:5:58
Oh my god!!! He looks SO Awesome! Thank you so much, this is really artistic and detailed. You are a fantastic artist. I'm okay, but I really suck on the computer....I'm an unlucky person with only a mouse.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/19 - 7:40:1
Thank you!!! He was really fun to do. -Although about the mouse thing, I use the Vis Tablet and its been working great and was surprisingly only thirty bucks. Just a thought if you think using a mouse thing is really holding you back, but you are SO not an 'ok' artist. Anyone who says that has to talk to me :)

(46603) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 2 : 2 : 1

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 21:10:34
Thought I'd draw my good old username for once in a while. About this time last year, I was taking requests for themed pumadragons, if anyone is interested, I'll take those requests again in the comments. I don't know how many I can handle yet, so for now I'll take six requests. Like last time, I won't be going out of my way to alter the anatomy of the pumadragon, because I want them to remain pumadragons of course. I can give them accesories though, and any colors or markings you want are great, just please don't make it overly complicated.

And feel free for c&c, though this pic was a bit rushed~

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 6:37:59
Oh me me!!!! Can you make me one? Can you base it of a kestrel with the markings/colors? By the way the picture above is really cool. Love the paws.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 7:32:53
Could you draw a frost/acid pumadragon?
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 9:12:13
heehee... could you try a polkadot-walrus pumadragon? XD
experimenting.... ;)
comrademorozov [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 22:38:6
Maybe a radioactive or post-apocalyptic themed one?
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 19:52:31
@frost- Do you mean a frost AND acid one, or did you mean frost OR acid?

@imagamaker-...this is gonna be interesting...
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/10 - 11:54:5
If you've got room for one more, I think a neon blue/ purple/ and black magic themed pumadragon would be really cool! I have an idea of blue and purple swirls against black, if that can give you any ideas for this vague theme. XD Thanks!
[anon]dragonlover 2013/9/20 - 15:55:44
draw me one with wings. can it be a frost one plz
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/1/13 - 13:25:43
Can you make one that controls the weather? (ex. lightning or tornadoes) he/she is midnight blue in my mind's eye
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/1/15 - 18:29:39
And i didnt look at the date.... so much 4 my weather dragon

(46602) (link) Oekaki by patchy, total drawing time 3 : 14 : 22

patchy [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 17:38:39
GCAT from Homestuck :3

I haven't been on here in forever but somehow I've managed to improve. wow. Um... yeah hi again, I might start drawing more again, maybe.

sweetpea [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 21:10:48

(really bad movie pun)
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 21:55:49
I really like your GCAT's face and ears- it's all just really nice looking. See you around!
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 17:2:36
*Pretends to have read far enough to know about GCAT*
I like the glowing effects and such, and the sparks.

(46601) (link) Oekaki by hanet, total drawing time 3 : 30 : 32

hanet [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 21:25:48

silvershadow [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 21:16:29
Cuuuuute! :D Great job on your Sandshrew, I love his arm muscles and pose! Your background is fun to look at, also. :)

(46600) (link) Oekaki by nighstar54, total drawing time 0 : 48 : 50

nighstar54 [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 12:16:12
Darkshadow had too much caffeine.

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 13:6:12
heehee :)
chelsealeathedragonqueen [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 12:17:9
What the heck is with all the wolves??
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 21:53:18
Hehehe, how can you ever go wrong with a lot of coffee!? <3
That's a neat texture you chose for their fur, you should keep experimenting with it!
@chelsealeathedragonqueen- Whurt?
[anon]hanet 2013/8/8 - 22:28:23
wolves are awesome!!
[anon]nighstar54 2013/8/9 - 8:55:18
Yeah, the wolves are from a book I am currently in the process of writing. My whole world is revolved around them. Actually, I don't just draw wolves. I draw most animals I can picture clearly in my head. Right now I am accepting a few requests....
chelsealeathedragonqueen [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 12:6:3
I'm just wondering. It just seems like theres quite a bit of things on here revolving around wolves.
[anon]whoviandragon 2014/1/13 - 5:20:5
I have so many friends exactly like darkshadow...... the madness rubbs off though. : o )

(46599) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 14 : 31 : 44

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 7:56:53
Came out scratchy again. I need to stop using the pencil tool...
Well anyways, I was wondering if anyone has something in mind they want me to draw? I'm open to requests.
C&C welcome as always :D

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 11:16:13
Duuude! This looks really cool! I love the gold colors with the greens, and the amazing textures. Really nice job here.
nighstar54 [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 11:25:39
Yes, I actually have a request could you draw my phoenix Nero? [link] (Link)
dragon-drawer [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 11:37:26
I love all the details you put into the scales, they're so shiny! Also, since you're asking for requests, I think this creature would look pretty cool in your style. [link]
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 12:43:48
nightstar54: That is a pretty cool phoenix! I'd love to do him!!!
dragon-drawer: That's interesting and should be fun :D
So both will probably be done within a week. I'll see what I can do :) Thanks for the feedback guys!!!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 13:43:47
noo never stop using the pencil tool! It makes your drawings so unique and beautiful :)
frost_star [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 15:15:51
can you draw Myrik for me? [link]
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 8:9:51
Imagamaker: Thanks! You rock!!!
Frost-star: Sure I can do her too, but I'm not sure if it will be done within a week though. However, when I do draw Myrik I don't want to offend you by making her the wrong age. How old would you say she is?
frost_star [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 12:17:51
I would say about 15-18
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/8/6 - 12:34:38
k thanks :)
catgirl [Profile] 2013/8/10 - 3:44:43
This is so pretty. Love those shiny green scales and that foot!

(46596) (link) Oekaki by skullzhead, total drawing time 25 : 46 : 59

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/4 - 20:0:28
Left this open several times.
Does anyone know him?
This was fun, but pretty hard to complete.
(I hate the hair! ;-;)
lol that background.. I think it suits his character perfectly! <3

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/4 - 21:22:55
The hair looks really great actually, it just may need to come out farther on the left side. I love the color and background, and the highlight on the tie, he sort of reminds me of Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club.
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/4 - 21:39:55
bless yeww puma, it is Tamaki <3
Thank you for the hair tip as well!
frost_star [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 18:58:0
I didn't know who it was, even though Tamiki is one of my favorite characters of all time. Now I it it though.
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 20:6:30
It's like Tamaki in purple mode, which is a fantastic idea! And I can't think of anyone who has more roses floating around them than Tamaki. :3 He's my favorite character. I love that show!!! OuO
[anon]lenny_on_her_netbook 2013/8/6 - 16:27:31
Gaaah, that manga had the BEST ENDING EVER. And Tamaki is possibly the most awesome character in existence. Actually, all the characters in that manga were really great... 'specially the protag. She's the best protag in a shoujo I've read yet :P
Ahem. Excuse the fangoddessing. I really love the lineart here<3 It's so smooth and nice. Also the roses. Veeerrry nice touch XD I'd just crit the hair a bit, though. It looks clunky and messy compared to the smooth neatness of the rest of the picture.

(46595) (link) Oekaki by docile_dragon, total drawing time 3 : 38 : 58

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/3 - 21:3:18
Hungry Sheldon. Limited color picture. I like how this one turned out.
C&C please

catgirl [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 14:45:1
Good job with the color. And his enthusiastic expression is too funny. The shading on him shows the volume and is nice to look at, but I think the shell should look a little shiny, to show its different texture. (I won't nag much about color palette, but brightening the highlight on the dark part of his shell would step it up a little, too). The difference in value between him and the background works nicely, he stands out well, and it's pretty striking.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 21:15:3
Cute! I like the contrast you chose for your colors. And I really love your blending here, it's so smooth! The anatomy is fabulous, as well. Sheldon reminds me of the box turtles I would always feed and play with as a kid. :) Happy days, those...
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 21:54:53
Really good job with the limited color palette!
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/8 - 10:52:13
Thanks all :)
@catgirl Shine on the shell is a good idea. I agree if I had picked a sixth color it would be a darker grey/black to increase the contrast on the shell.
@silvershadow Yay, someone was able to recognize that Sheldon is a box turtle!

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/8/9 - 19:25:44
I really like how you do these pictures with limited colors, they always come out looking great! I think you did a fantastic job with all the shading here. I love Sheldon's cute expression.
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/8/10 - 8:35:33
Thanks I really love doing these limited color pictures

(46594) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 11 : 33 : 5

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/3 - 16:3:8
Hey everyone! I actually had time and motivation to draw something on the oekaki, so I drew a picture of my character Seth antagonizing my other character (George). It's just so amusing and the troll level is so high.....I just think it's fun to draw characters interacting with each other in a humorous way. I'll probably be trying to do this more, and do a better job. And sorry about the shoddy-ish background. It's supposed to be a parking lot.

C&C please :D

keidarancitygirl [Profile] 2013/8/3 - 17:23:42
I love your anime-type style.
It's so funny how hard George is trying to ignore Seth. :)
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/8/4 - 20:24:9
Really cool coloring technique! Especially in the hair! The lefter-most character's hair is really eye grabbing. I personally have the hardest time doing light colored hair, so seeing this is inspiring for me.
patchy [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 19:37:39
hehehe poor George
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/8/5 - 20:9:31
@skull-thank you about the hair! It's really fun to make highlights and stuff.
I'm so terrible, treating George like this. I can imagine him thinking, "If I ignore him, he'll go away". The sad part is Seth never goes away. X3
chelsealeathedragonqueen [Profile] 2013/8/7 - 12:19:9
Lol, very nice :3

(46593) (link) Oekaki by theroguemind, total drawing time 1 : 34 : 25

theroguemind [Profile] 2013/8/2 - 0:46:56
I don't always draw people, but when I do, they look like faux-Wolverines.
My character Zanik in his human shape, which by his own admission, doesn't look that human on closer inspection. He's really a dragon with three horns, which I tried to translate into hair, but it only ended up looking like more like Wolverine's cut than I wanted. whoops.

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/8/2 - 6:25:24
I love all the wrinkles in the robe! I can never get those right myself >.<
the eyes and hair are really cool too :)
theroguemind [Profile] 2013/8/2 - 14:49:59
Thanks :)
Clothing folds aren't too bad if you keep them simple. I just make lines and U-shaped lines. I don't remember what tutorial I was looking at the other day, but it talked about keeping in mind fabric pulls from tension points. For his cloak I kept the tension points at the shoulders and then gravity pulled the fabric down towards a point at the center of his chest.

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