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(46375) (link) Oekaki by lennythynn, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 37

lennythynn [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 2:19:18
Take off 25 min for dinner and preparing for dinner, then another 5 for losing myself in Kaizers' awesomeness<3

lennythynn [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 2:19:54
Eish, I really am sorry D: Please move this to Quicklings<3
[anon]frost_star 2013/4/26 - 16:26:32
But it doesn't belong in quicklings, this is awesome. Breath taking i should say.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 19:4:31
I don't know how you manage to draw such beautiful things so quickly. The colors in this are absolutely lovely. I really love that leaf to the right side.
lennythynn [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 3:47:27
@Frost Star: Aw, thank you very much. But it really wouldn't be fair for it to stay in Wings - this took me at the absolute most 25 minutes, and that's undertimed for this board.

@Dreya: To be honest, I have no idea, either. It's most likely just practice, and knowing the tools well. Or maybe knowing what's meant to be there. *shrugs* Thank you!<3 I am glad you like it. *smiles*
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 14:25:58
ohmygosh this is so pretty! I love it!!! How can you draw such beautiful things in so little time?? :D The soft colors makes it seem to glow on the page..... O.O
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:32:6
this is so beautiful... i've always loved your use of colour and shadow but this really tops the list! it looks amazing. i love the details. you use the highlights sparingly and it's really really effective.
lennythynn [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 20:43:31
Thank you both<3 *smiles*

(46374) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 2 : 15 : 52

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 15:7:8
Here's Docile_dragon's prize! I hope you like, I had a lot of fun drawing your characters, they're so pretty and colorful! :)
If you want me to do another, I can.

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 16:20:25
Hahahahaha, This cheered me up a lot. I wonder who's house it is. Knowing Crystal its probably the chicken's house. I love all the wonderful expressions. I can just picture Pip in the fourth panel thinking That sounded expensive. The action poses are great too. I love it <3
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 16:47:14
Thank you :D
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 14:45:2
haha, that chicken..especially in the first panel, great expressions.
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:32:47
this is really funny.. i love your comics. they are always so clever and well executed :^)

(46373) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 4 : 37 : 52

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 14:47:29
Hmmm... I wonder what happened to the top. Oh well. Anyways, I guess this is the evil Lone Ranger takes on the sixteenth century from what it looks like to me. Don't know how that happened, because I recall starting out with a peaceful road in mind. How simple minded I was! then. lol. Hope you guys like :)

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 16:48:22
Wow, this is so darn pretty! The colors blend nicely together, and the mood is amazing. The pencil does a nice job of sharpening the vision O.O
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 7:6:9
Thank you! And I do love pencil tool I think I used the pencil tool for the whole thing except the faded trees down the road.
dragon_fang [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 13:27:30
I love the light on the horse and carriage, it makes them really stand out~ I also love how you did the trees, they must've taken a while with all those branches o.o
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 14:16:38
The trees did take awhile but it wasn't that hard because trees are so random. What was really the hardest part was getting the horse to stop looking like a lama ;)
lennythynn [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 2:32:26
Aaah, the colouring is so rich<3 The picture has such a lot of depth, as well. The lighting is beautiful, and oh, so many details<3 This is one of those artworks that I can just stare at for hours<3

I think the only thing that marrs it a bit, is the horse and carriage. That is mainly because it's been done in a different colouring style to the rest; though it has nearly all been done in pencil, you've managed to make the majority not look harshly pixillated. The horse and carriage are very harsh indeed compared to the rest of the picture. Also, I do believe most of the horse and certainly the front of the carriage would be poorly lighted, as the light seems to be coming from somewhat above and behind it. Even if the light is coming from the carriage itself, the front of the horse, certainly, would be darkened, and there would be a dark shadow beneath both horse and carriage. You've missed adding a shadow entirely, which adds to the feeling of "this is a sticker" that I'm getting right now.

Other than that, though, it's simply stunning. It gives off such a warm feeling, like old wood with a reddish tint... I should know the name of the wood, but I never can remember things like that ^^ A feeling of richness. And I must say, the man in the foreground is stunningly done.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 11:34:39
Yeah haha your right! there is no shadow... now that i look at it again i see a lot of things missing. Like where is the driver? Thanks for the other tips about distance, i'll remember them next time.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 19:3:38
Such pretty colors. I love the reds and yellows. It's especially pretty how the yellow light reflects off the guy standing near the road. The trees give off a sort of sinister feeling...I really like it. Beautiful work!
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:33:21
ahh how beautiful.. i love your use of colour. it is so nice to look at. brilliant work as always :^)
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 9:54:52
Thanks Dreyacira and Miles!

(46372) (link) Oekaki by docile_dragon, total drawing time 7 : 24 : 57

docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 13:33:15
My new fursona. A picture which I'll make a ref sheet. Anatomy isn't the best, but I'm satisfied with it.

catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 19:47:58
Hey, Docile, what season would you like it to be in that pic of Avis and Ivy? I was trying to decide between lots of green or spring flowers when it occurred to me that I could just ask what you'd like better (fall's fine, too... Winter I could do but I think I'd rather do more leaves or flowers, and since I've already drawn in feet I couldn't go with deep snow where they're running).

I like the shading, particularly on the brown top.
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 5:49:58
Summer with lots of green is my preference. Thanks.
[anon]miles 2013/4/29 - 4:5:58
cute face >w<
i also like those hooves.
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 19:17:10
Thanks, I think the hooves turned out really good too.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:1:40
Oooh wow, Docile's got a fursona, YAY :D (unless Avis was your fursona?) Anywho, this is great! I love how you blended the human and mountain goat design, it's not like the usual anthros or furries you see. (Not saying there is anything wrong with the standard anthro/furry depiction but it's just really unusual and refreshing to a different representation :) And a goat too...AWESOME! What's her name? Also does the fur continue on the rest of her body and arms, underneath the hoodie? I really like the textures you've hand-created here by the way!
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 18:15:36
Thanks, Avis was my fursona at one time, but she became her own character, so I figured it was time for a new one. Her name is Emily, but you can call her Docile if that's not to confusing. Emily is similar in appearance to a faun so her fur stops slightly above her waist.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 15:9:58
Ah, I see! I thought that might be the case. I can call her Docile if you prefer, it shouldn't be too confusing as my fursona is called Saffron, so I'm not one to talk ^^ LOL how could I forget the faun species D: I love fauns, there's something about them that is just so appealing to me. Maybe it's because The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe by C.S Lewis was my favourite book as a child. Mr. Tumnus was my favourite character. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up! I will be looking forward to drawing Docile in the near future ;) She looks fab!
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 19:58:44
Thanks. I really don't have a preference as to which you call her. The Lion and Witch and the wardrobe was indeed a good book. I also think its interesting that C.S. Lewis used so many creatures from mythology (such as the fauns) in that series.

(46370) (link) Oekaki by missscythe, total drawing time 2 : 35 : 46

missscythe [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 1:53:34
Name your price oekaki commission for a friend on FurAffinity :3

Her awesome Endari character: Fen. Whom I have had the pleasure of drawing a few times before <3
It was requested I drew her with her head down, butt up and looking as if she's ready to pounce!

dragon_fang [Profile] 2013/4/25 - 13:30:41
Really interesting character, so colorful~ I love how you did the tail, and I love your style. The colors stand out nicely, and the white behind seems to almost exaggerate the main figure in your drawings~
missscythe [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 17:17:47
Aw gosh! Thanks so much! n~n
[anon]miles 2013/4/29 - 4:6:35
what a dynamic pose.. you capture a really bold effect with your thick lines, it's lovely
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:4:31
Oh gosh, I love that pose and perpective! Her expression looks so badass! And yay for swooshy tail :D
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:5:27
Derp, I meant PERSPECTIVE :3
missscythe [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 23:12:16
Thanks guys ;w;

(46369) (link) Oekaki by kenderkat, total drawing time 0 : 45 : 7

kenderkat [Profile] 2013/4/23 - 18:16:30
my plans for a hipster!aradia cosplay
the shirt has a skull cut out on the back
i might get a pair of headphones and paint aries signs on them
idk i might just go humanstuck and dump the horns and skin paint
some planned jewelry: aries necklace - skull necklace - one ring (as in the one ring, lotr style) - rib bone braclet - maybe some red string bracelets idk
i've got the ring and the rib bracelet i just need to make some stuff
i figure i'll get two pairs of red striped tights so a; i don't have to paint my legs and arms, and b; i don't have to make sleeves
if you have any suggestions i'd like to know

anyway song is fade away into the dark from broadway aradia bluh bluh

also there's a reptile expo in a couple of weeks that i'm super excited for

[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:37:14
ohdghghh hipster!aradia is such a cool idea!! i really love this picture, too; i was disappointed it didn't have any comments yet :I

i really love the wrinkles in the shirt.. they are so realistically placed. very very nice work.

(46367) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 1 : 2 : 48

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 14:53:58
Kcuff for FrostStar.

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 16:35:49
Omigod, that looks so furry and fluffy and cutelike :D
moo492 [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 18:39:58
Daww he's so cute! I love how you drew his face. :)
[anon]lemmy_on_her_phone 2013/4/22 - 22:2:48
Wow Drey, you kicked it out of the park with that coloring. Bright yellow is hard to nail but I think you did a lovely job!
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/23 - 6:39:41
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/23 - 9:45:5
Great fur shading/texture. And the colors, I love 'em.

He is so cute, too.
frost_star [Profile] 2013/4/23 - 12:26:1
thank you so much! I love his eyes, and feathers. And the scroll is lovely
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 15:45:8
Wow, thanks for all the comments guys! I never thought this drawing would be that popular.
Imaga: Thanks! I went out of my way to make lots of fluff.
Moo: Thank you! I was unsure about the face, so I'm glad you like it.
Lemmy: Thanks! I was afraid I used too much brown, but it makes me happy to hear you say that.
Kestrelflight: Indeed, haha!
Catgirl: Thanks! I sure do love to draw fur.
Froststar: Oh good, I'm glad you like him! You're welcome.
[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:37:50
oh this is really really lovely :D i love the pose.. looks like he's really in flight.

(46366) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 1 : 1 : 12

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 7:21:8
Dusty for Kenderkat.

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 11:9:48
I think he looks super cute. I love the colors and the details. All those feathers and the scales on the feet! He looks just lovely.
kenderkat [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 18:20:14
oh my glob dreya he looks amazing oOo
i love the detail on his wings and the scales on his feet and the shine on his beak and everything ahhhhhh
thanks. ;w;
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/24 - 15:46:7
Lemmy: Thanks bro. I sure do love to draw feathers.
Kender: You're welcome! I'm really glad you like him.
[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:38:41
hhhhhh i love this character, and you portrayed him beautifully ;w;
as the others said, those feathers are just incredible. this is one of my favourites from your requests, i think.

(46365) (link) Oekaki by earthdragon206, total drawing time 2 : 57 : 32

earthdragon206 [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 17:47:55

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 18:9:28
I love the markings around the eye!
imajelly [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 18:41:28
This is a really good profile, I like the face shape :)
keidarancitygirl [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 19:35:48
Wonderful take on Anubis, although I don't think they wore yellow kohl.
On the other hand, a god's gotta have some fun, right? :P
moo492 [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 5:57:17
I love the light shading, and the face shape. Well done. :)
[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:39:27
i was just about to say what keidaran' said >w<
i really love the shading and colours on the headdress.
[anon]lilydragon 2013/5/28 - 15:10:9
Has anybody else read The Kane Chronicles? haha, imagine if Sadie saw this

(46364) (link) Oekaki by imajelly, total drawing time 1 : 23 : 36

imajelly [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 17:34:33
Urgh. Sorry it's so messy even though I took so long ( - . - )~

... so yeah I attempted a chibi type thing haha me on left my sister on the right &Mhm we have very colorful hair :D

But it's no fair D; I'm the older sister and no one ever guesses that! I have a baby face &She doesn't and is taller &She babies me as well.. this is reversed I tell you! lol

[anon]miles 2013/4/21 - 17:43:13
....sounds like edward elric =w=

anyway this is really cute! i really love how you drew the eyes and faces in general.. really nicely done. the soft colours are so nice.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 3:54:30
haha! I like! The patterns in the hair are really cool :)
[anon]skullzhead 2013/4/23 - 13:45:10
Awesome hair texture!

(46363) (link) Oekaki by keshiri, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 12

keshiri [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 14:11:51

saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 16:1:10
Nice pose! I also really like the way you that hand with the ring on :)
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 8:11:57

(46362) (link) Oekaki by kenderkat, total drawing time 1 : 0 : 17

kenderkat [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 11:44:0
might try and enter the art gallery idk

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 13:6:32
I love this style! It's so sketchy and active! That little lemur creature is real cute :)
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 16:6:3
The combination of smooth colour with no shading except for mark-marking is really awesome! Your characters are always so unique. I believe your furry characters are some of the best around!
[anon]miles 2013/4/22 - 3:57:24
omgsh if you do enter it good luck because i've entered so many pictures and they've all been rejected :^(

anyway i really really love this style you've been experimenting with! your lutari looks so cute. i love the way you drew the claws.

//also did you get my message on tumblr//

(moved) (link) Oekaki by [anon]everin, total drawing time 1 : 17 : 11

[anon]everin 2013/4/20 - 23:24:58
Louise for my Tabletop Game.

[anon]miles 2013/4/20 - 23:51:54
oh my gosh that floral pattern on her shirt is just incredible
that detail is so amazing wow and look at the shines on her hair
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 6:22:32
I agree, that pattern is really amazing. I love the way you drew her hair.
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 8:36:39
Oh, she's beautiful! Sorry to ditto the others, but I, too, love her hair and her blouse! They're so intricate, delicate, and gorgeous. :D I'm enjoying these characters you've been drawing. :)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 12:59:23
Wow, I love how you colored it all! That shirt really stuns me! :)
everin [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 15:25:52
The shirt was really just scribbles that I kept adding scribbles to. Thank you all very much though.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 16:7:24
That blouse and shading in the skin is just pure genius!
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 8:10:55
I'm really impressed with the blouse (that worked great!). And, she's expressionate. (and I like her hair). I kinda wish you'd drawn at least her other arm, but that might not match up with the purpose of the drawing.
everin [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 9:8:14
The other arm is behind the wrap. You can see a little of the color if you look closer.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 14:33:30
Oh! that makes sense now.

(46361) (link) Oekaki by lovelylonely, total drawing time 1 : 3 : 5

lovelylonely [Profile] 2013/4/20 - 21:57:55
Mally likes to delve herself into current scary events and memes. uwu

[anon]miles 2013/4/20 - 23:53:2
adfthh this is so cool wow
i love the grescale
it's awesome because it's both really contrasting to Mally and because they *are* in greyscale/close enough colours anyway
really clever, i love it *w*
silvershadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 8:38:40
Neat! I love your framing of all the characters. I also love your shading on everything. :3
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 13:4:14
Wow, urmahgurd wow! I love this!! *Gasp* Izzat frankenweenie??? >.< And a enderman from minecraft????!!! *faints* :D
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 16:2:40
This is so awesome in so many ways. I love absolutely everything about it!
lovelylonely [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 16:34:18
Thanks, everyone. c:
I'm glad everything is recognizable. uwu
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 17:31:33
Slenderman! This is so awesome, it has so many familiar peoples and things that make me happy. Mally and I should be friendz....
reluctantbrony [Profile] 2013/4/21 - 18:7:56
Oh, it's what's-his-trousers from OFF! Zacharie?
lovelylonely [Profile] 2013/4/22 - 10:5:5
Eeyup! C: and The Judge is down there too but I don't think he's recognizable because he's just a cat, baha.
[anon]miles 2013/4/22 - 17:12:5 nobody going to mention the weeping angel that could be staring at us when we scroll down the page?
[anon]lilydragon 2013/5/28 - 15:11:59
miles: YOU'RE A WHOVIAN!?!?!?!?!?!? My big sis is
[anon]lilydragon 2013/5/28 - 15:16:28
it's Slender... we made paper puppets today at school and me, my best friend, and a kind of-friend all turned them around to the back of their head and made Slenderpuppet (and I started that! XD). Also, is that a weeping angel in the corner?

(46360) (link) Oekaki by keshiri, total drawing time 1 : 8 : 56

keshiri [Profile] 2013/4/19 - 21:14:51
Oh, right. Here is Varus from League of Legends dressed as a Red Lantern. Riot pls.

[anon]miles 2013/4/20 - 23:53:38
this is so so cool!
that pose is so brilliant
you really filled up the space so nicely
i love it :D

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