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Announcement: On September 10th 2014, we lost a dear member of our oekaki family. Linda Bower better known as Shamelessaardvark or Tigerchimera is no longer with us. Please take a moment to remember her. If you'd like to do something in her memory please follow the link to an art memorial Zoing has set up to send to her family. She will forever be a part of our family.

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(46492) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 4 : 50 : 25

wolven [Profile] 2013/6/24 - 10:17:0
Digi demanded Dragon heads, so heres my first ever dragon OC, Daedrid.
Most of youse know him by now as a big black alien dragon thing without eyes. He's pretty fearless and his attitude to life is that its all a big ol' joke, so laugh. his saliva is like acid but gives precious gemstones a flawless sheen when dunked in it. it can burn through just about anything as well, so mind yer fingers.

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/6/24 - 19:22:27
ooh, I like the horns :)
digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/25 - 16:55:57
I think I remember this guy, very cool. I too like the horns, and the space background is neat.
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:12:49
wow so cool :D those horns are lovely. but i think they lack the same shading that the rest of the body has.. so they stand out a lot 0:

(46491) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 1 : 35 : 40

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 21:55:37
Digi commands dragon heads! We must obey!

Balkailius. I still feel like I don't know how to use my tablet properly. I messed around with the pressure settings a lot. Balkailius is one of my older characters, from back when I liked to come up with awesome (weird) names.

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 22:11:26
Balkailius has the best name because it is fun to say. I really like how you did the lighting on his mouth! It looks super cool and smooth.
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/24 - 8:29:19
Well hopefully I can soon obey the commands....this is cool, I like black and white dragons.
digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/25 - 16:54:22
Awesome! I like how you colored the skin all smooth. Nice profile view as well :)
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/26 - 7:47:6
Thanks guys!
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:13:19
that neck
is beauutiffuuullll
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/7/1 - 14:17:14
Thanks Miles!

(46490) (link) Oekaki by theroguemind, total drawing time 1 : 29 : 53

theroguemind [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 19:44:58
It's Adventure Time!
Adventure time style self-protraits are the best if you're lazy like me. No shading or noses! Yay!

[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:13:53
this is the cutEST THING
i love the way you mimicked the style, you got it spot-on :3

(46489) (link) Oekaki by lemmyloop, total drawing time 1 : 0 : 43

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 18:57:54
Digidragon commanded dragon heads. So here's a dragon head.

Eidunno is one of my oldest characters. (Surprisingly he still looks very similar to his first design.)

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 19:41:56
I recognized him!! So cute, I love his giant ears.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/24 - 19:11:40
I haven't seen him before, but his eye is very awesome!!!! Love the earrings too :D
digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/25 - 16:47:7
I love the structure of the face. And the flat colors look really nice.
catgirl [Profile] 2013/6/26 - 13:13:1
nice! I like how you made the golden color stand out and look so bright.
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:14:37
ahhhh fuzzy dragons
i dont see very many of them so it is always a pleasure when i do =w=
i love the way you did the lines, they're lovely

(46488) (link) Oekaki by miku8mycupcake, total drawing time 2 : 57 : 32

miku8mycupcake [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 22:25:48
I was gonna go for a space themed angel, but I decided to go with an Aurora Borialis (however you spell it) theme. I became a bit tired because it is almost 1 a.m. haha!
Anyways this is Soar and he is the angel that paints the Aurora through out the Northern parts of the world, As you can see his wings carry the many colors seen in the Aurora. Hope you like him! :3 C&C please!

arya [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 8:23:5
I looove the glow affect and colours of this! its beautiful!
lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 19:4:56
I really love this concept! It's beautiful and I can imagine a scene of Soar painting the sky. Your wings structure is really good.

As for a bit of crit: on the rightmost wing, the primary feathers are "above" the secondaries, however the secondaries should be the ones "above" the primaries. You've actually got the most of the feathers layered correctly, but somewhere between the wingtip, and where the secondaries meet the primaries is where the layering gets mixed up.

(I hope that made some sort of sense!)
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:19:23
ohhhh that glow is soo pretttyy

(46486) (link) Oekaki by digidragon, total drawing time 1 : 43 : 6

digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 16:24:19
"Hey two-leggers, the names Sandstorm."

I think this guy has to be the most fun dragon head I've colored :D And I don't know why, I just really had fun with this one. Flight Rising is having trouble, so I thought I'd draw another dragon. I want to make a second deviantart account, and post all my serious drawing on it, including these dragon heads.

Now I command you all to draw dragons heads!

digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 16:26:24
Oh yeah I forgot to say, this dragon (and the blue one from earlier) was all done with the pen tool. I only messed with its setting when needed, like the pressure.
shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 16:36:24
Seriously wonderful. AMAZING job on everything really! But it's the coloring that really makes this whole thing totally pop. :)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 17:14:24
Geezum, your dragons are gorgeous! :D
amyd [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 0:1:45
This is wonderful! I love every thing about this especially those spines and that eye is just amazing! This is very well done.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 20:16:48
I like the shape of this one, and the spines are really cool. I like the belly scales.
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 20:58:49
This may seem like a bold statement, but your dragon heads are as good as Neondragon's in my opinion. My suggestion to you would be to try for detail like this on the rest of a dragon's body. Also.....that's my favorite part, I mean look at it it's incredibly realistic, it looks shiny and moist, and like a real eye, as if it actually has life in it.
digidragon [Profile] 2013/6/25 - 16:39:55
Thank you all very much! I would do the whole dragon, but that takes forever XD and I never feel like the canvas size is bigger enough on here. I really appreciate the comments :)
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:19:55
this is so incredible digi @w@
i will never understand how you can do so much detail in your drawings.

(46485) (link) Oekaki by shroudedindisaster, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 18

shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 10:24:22
:3 practice practice. C&C greatly appreciated!

[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:20:23
this is cute heheh
i love those ears

(46484) (link) Oekaki by sacerlupus, total drawing time 2 : 26 : 23

sacerlupus [Profile] 2013/6/21 - 18:50:54
Well this was going to be a realistic looking picture but when I gave it a shot... i wasn't feeling the water tool so I went pen style for a change.
I saw that a Steam Punk contest was up and running and I was like,"Hell yeah"~ so I drew this fella up. I had to google steam punk for some inspirational help and the accessories that popped up were so cool looking!
I worked on it for two hours cause I did start one way and ended this way x.x;;
The coloring is a little sloppy now that I over look it... darn...

theroguemind [Profile] 2013/6/21 - 19:38:7
I think it's fantastic. I like all the accessories, especially the hat and the monocle (on its left eye right?)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 10:43:1
Wow, that outfit is awesome! Call yourself in! I love the little details, like the key and the pouch :)
shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 16:46:26
Very cool! He's got a whole buncha good stuff going on :) Love the background and I think he works well with the way you colored! Also really dig how you did all the line for the fur and such
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:20:59
i agree, those little details are really nice to look at =w=
[anon]sacer 2013/7/6 - 13:5:57
Oh my goodness thank you everyone!! :DDDD

(46483) (link) Oekaki by zanik_dragon, total drawing time 1 : 5 : 25

zanik_dragon [Profile] 2013/6/21 - 1:3:17
In other news...Tongues!
I suppose this is lineless practice. I remember I did a similar albeit purple thing like this last year. C&C much appreciated.

[anon]labyrinth 2013/6/21 - 14:38:55
Wow, this looks awesome!
Sorry, I hope you don't mind me C&C-ing (I don't comment very often here).
Anyway, you may want to make the base of the tongue (where it enters the mouth) a little smaller. Also, maybe don't fray the edges out. To give it a wet look, more white highlights might help, but not too many.
That's all I got. Hope I've helped!
theroguemind [Profile] 2013/6/21 - 14:46:13
zanik_dragon here ~ Thanks for the tips, you're absolutely right. I should have made it fit the mouth better and saliva would have been awesome :)
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:26:54
this is just.. beautiful
i cant think of how else to put it
everything is so etheral about this dragon... it is beautiful.

(46482) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 3 : 26 : 12

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/19 - 21:21:5
Entry for the steampunk contest! This is obviously a steampunk dolphin.....which I drew because they're my favorite animal, and I wanted to draw an aquatic animal because you don't see steampunk fish/porpoises that often. And I guess it's evil. And made of various types of metal. And sorry about the tail not fitting.

C&C please? :D

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/20 - 7:8:58
Very cool steampunk dolphin!! I like the shading on the metal parts and the way you made the sections of the tail look.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/6/20 - 13:25:30
Wow, this is awesome! I love the glowing eye :) You are definitely in!
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:27:52
cool AS!! i dont know how well a robotic dolphin would work underwater but that is seriously cool
the shines are really convincing. great work.

(46481) (link) Oekaki by wolven, total drawing time 4 : 56 : 39

wolven [Profile] 2013/6/19 - 12:40:30
Behold, the greatness of my interpretation of: Captain Albert Alexander (A famous sailor as sang by Steam powered Giraffe. See here for more details- [link] the song starts at 1:35)
This is my entry for the Steampunk contest. Fingers crossed its decent enough to place.
I'm rather pleased with how this came out, and i believe this suits the lines of the song:
"Albert stood at the stern of his ship,
a giant Octopus had him in its grip,
and sharks and electric eels all made the trip,
to see Albert, sink to the bottom of the sea..."

C&C much appreciated

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/19 - 18:21:7

<3 Captain Albert Alexander, that band, and that song.

I like the green spots on his face where it oxidized....that's what it's supposed to be right? That ship wheel looks good, as well as the lighting...and well pretty much everything. oh good he has a mustache. Well, don't get too excited yet, cause I'm still entering. ;)

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/19 - 18:25:35
My deepest apologies for commenting twice in a row, could you perhaps draw Rabbit or maybe The Spine for me? :DDD
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/6/20 - 13:26:43
Oooh, this is cool :) I like the face, and the giant fish behind him. You're in!
wolven [Profile] 2013/6/22 - 11:40:54
Its a giant octopus, that had Captain Albert Alexander in its grip. Glad you guys like, and yes Puma, i would be happy to draw any of the members of steam Powered Giraffe for ya! :)
Thanks guys!
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:28:22
this is just fantastic!!!

(46480) (link) Oekaki by skullzhead, total drawing time 1 : 7 : 17

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 12:4:1
I really want a premium membership on DA again.
I'm looking for point commissions. ( points)
My prices do not exceed 35 points! See my deviantart profile for more info-
For now, enjoy this quick sketch of a pretty elf girl. <3 Such a sweet little thing, isn't she?

arya [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 20:46:18
oooh I like the hair colour.
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:29:6
omgsh if i had points i would give them all D:
this is beautiful btw.. the torso is wonderfully drawn.

(46479) (link) Oekaki by arya, total drawing time 13 : 24 : 45

arya [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 7:56:25
well i left this on overnight, so i defiantly did not spend 13 hrs on this. about an hr, actually. anyway, many people say that I my men that I draw look too feminine? and most people say "she" when reffering to my art, and I always have to point out that its a man. can someone please point out what parts look feminine? It confuses me a bit.

shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 10:31:9
Hey! I don't know if I've seen your stuff really, I'm newly active, but this guy doesn't look too feminine! I think maybe if many of your characters have long hair and defined lips like his though that may be confusing the gender. Very cool though, I really like all the warm colors and the intensity of him overall!
arya [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 11:28:30
Thanks :D and ya, most of them do have longer hair, i have a hard time drawing anything short unless its in profile view. welcome to the boards, by the way. :)
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 12:13:4
Usually one of the bigger factors of determining whether its a guy or girl (besides the mouth and eyes) is in the jaw/cheek bones. Because elves have narrow or angled cheek bones like girls, its sometimes easy to mistake them as girls. A good way to counteract this is in the other two factors: the eyes and lips. You got both down in this picture (which looks awesome by the way), and it looks like a guy to me. However, maybe having the narrow jaw bone combined with another factor that accidentally looks feminine is whats was causing confusion in your other pictures? Hope that helps :)

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 12:18:15
Hahaha, I can't even classify my own drawings of men as too feminine or not masculine enough. I just think if it looks good, it stays. I like- no love- your style, and I find this particular guy handsome as heck. >//<
arya [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 18:25:18
@kestrelflight: oooh I see. Most of my characters have elven features (thin faces) so maybe thats why... Thanks for the tips ^^
@skullzhead: Thank you, I've been working really hard on my style :D
shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/21 - 11:26:31
No problem and thank you :D
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/6/23 - 21:13:52
Your art style is like mine, I only draw guys with long hair usually. Also, this fellow here looks almost exactly the same as one of my characters......which I find to be very interesting indeed. What if our minds are connected? O.o Just kidding...

But here's a link if you want to make a comparison... [link]
wolven [Profile] 2013/6/26 - 6:46:16
Pumadragon, keep yer subconscious under control if you please. jk

I think this is pretty cool tbh, and i can see how some might see your characters as effeminate. Wha you need to do i think, is give your male characters a bit more of a traditionally masculine touch. so... what i mean by that is, to make the masculinity a bit more visible, so like the 'adam's apple' for example could be a little more defined here. They ('we' rather) often have broader/heavier/hairier eyebrows and more defined jawbones. Even better, stick in a beard of sorts, or even stubble. Beards are awesome. I don't know why so many girls don't like them. Thats just a few things that could be done methinks.
But i really quite like this.The hair has a nice flowing texture to it, but i think a little more definition and highlights might help the look.
Overall, v nicely done.
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:30:26
nice work. the others said what i was going to; give their advice a listen.

(46478) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 3 : 32 : 45

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 12:47:34
Anybody know who it is? Well anyways the TV series isn't as popular as Merlin and Sherlock, so I guess i won't be too disappointed if nobody knows :P

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 15:28:40
I've never actually seen it, but I could recognize it right away! It's White Collar! Amazing job! ;A;
foxtail [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 17:38:12 this White Collar? I LOVE WHITE COLLAR.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 18:45:13
Yeah it is. Its Neal lol.
prysm [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 22:27:32
I haven't watched this show very much but I saw this and gasped, like, "Oh I know this guy!" Haha good job. :)
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/17 - 8:43:6
Thanks Prysm.
everin [Profile] 2013/6/17 - 9:12:57
Hello Neil Caffrey!
arya [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 7:56:51
this is awesome!
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/6/20 - 7:9:50
Very nice job. I like the skin tones and the coloring on the handcuffs. That chain looks great.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/6/20 - 7:46:44
Everin: Neal gives you his regards.
Arya: Na' your awesome.
Dreyacira: The chain was one of the last things I did besides the empty cuff. I'm glad it turned out ok because I just wanted to finish it and be done with it by that time.
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:30:52
i dont know who this is but i do know that this is incredible!
[anon]haven214 2014/5/14 - 7:35:36
i freaking LOVE that show!!!! and your drawing :) great job

(46477) (link) Oekaki by shroudedindisaster, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 52

shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/15 - 21:41:6
Hey! Just working on a few different techniques and ways to do things on here! C&C is welcomed!

skullzhead [Profile] 2013/6/16 - 19:28:36
Hellu! I like this! I like the soft shading mixed with the spot highlights, they look awesome together!
shroudedindisaster [Profile] 2013/6/18 - 10:29:36
Hey! Thanks :D I'm really just still trying to get used to the tools and everything so I figured I'd play around with some shading!
[anon]miles 2013/6/30 - 4:31:23
cute :3 i like this style of lineart.

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