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(46390) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 3 : 16 : 3

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/4 - 21:40:41
The first of the illegitimate requests. From Tayu: Me and Tayu as actual horses (or pegasi) instead of ponies.

I had a lot of trouble with Tayu's the end, even though I know they don't match up, I kinda gave up on them. XD And I really don't know how to draw horses, so if any of those expert horse artists on here want to give me some critique that'd be great.

missscythe [Profile] 2013/5/4 - 22:55:13
Wow I really like that swirly look you've done with the shading on their sides, it looks really nice! I couldn't tell that you gave up on Tayu's wings, they look great to me :3 (although I'm hopeless when it comes to wing anatomy!) I love the movement in this too n~n Very cute!
[anon]miles 2013/5/5 - 2:45:57
this is beautiful *w* you two look so majestic. i agree with amber, i really couldn't tell you had trouble with the wings!
really lovely work.. i love those legs so much.
lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/5/5 - 9:58:58
...Dreya, I swooned at Tayu's wings. SWOONED. This whole picture is completely gorgeous. I think the horses look great (but I have never drawn a horse before so I can't give any anatomy tips) It's just wonderful.
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/5/5 - 13:44:50
The swirls on them are very cool and your anatomy is perfect. Awesomeness:)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/9 - 4:9:11
Huh, I never noticed, those wings look perfect! I love the swirly thing you have goin' here. And the mane and tail look amazing. I guess I could say that if the horses were to stand, I think that those legs would give way, but the dainty feel of them is real cool, too! Excellent work! :)
catgirl [Profile] 2013/5/9 - 13:19:44
It's true, the wings are mis-matched, but I didn't notice until you posted and mentioned it. They both look amazing, though. It's cute, how you seem to be floating, Tayu looks a little concerned. :D

Really good shading on all that black, too, hard to get to work.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/10 - 8:56:29
Thanks all!
MissScythe: Thanks! I really didn't know what I was doing with the shading but I'm glad everyone seems to like it.
Miles: Thanks! I just couldn't get the lines to be straight and come out like I wanted. But I'm glad it turned out okay.
Lemmy: Aw, thanks! If you swooned at the wings then they must be okay.
Kestrel: Well thank you! I was really insecure about the anatomy so it's nice to hear something positive about it.
Imaga: Thank you. Gosh everyone seemed to like the swirls! Well it was fun. I think horses usually have pretty skinny legs, but maybe I made them too skinny.
Catgirl: Yes, that is what I meant. I liked each wing individually, but together they don't match. XD Thanks! Black is so hard to shade.
docile_dragon [Profile] 2013/5/10 - 12:49:3
Awesome! The wing anatomy here is wonderful. The textures look stunning too and shading on white and black is rather difficult but you did a nice job with it.

(46389) (link) Oekaki by kestrelflight, total drawing time 18 : 50 : 22

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/5/4 - 12:22:59
I'm going to call him Ruffles. Next time I should ban the pencil tool from my selection because I love it way too much.

[anon]moo492_not_logged_in 2013/5/4 - 15:59:27
Wow, I love the detail and the shading! It's a really cool design, beautiful colour choices. :)
[anon]miles 2013/5/5 - 2:46:40
but you use the pencil tool so incredibly well!!
really really lovely work here.. as moo said those colours are incredible. the shines on the wings are just brilliant *w*
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/5 - 8:7:11
O.O Pretttyyyyyyyy feaaatherrrrsss...... XD This is amazing. The texture is used beautifully and I simply cannot understand how you can use the pencil so wonderfully!! Keep up the good work!
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/5/6 - 22:3:38
Thanks guys :)
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/11 - 10:30:58
I think this looks simply amazing. The colors in the wing awesome. Don't ban yourself from the pencil tool, you use it so well! The sense of motion in this picture is lovely, too, I feel like your creature is in the process of opening its wings and getting ready to take off. Great work.
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/5/11 - 14:11:30
This is amazing, you have a really eye popping effect going on with the texture. The colors are cool as well, they help make the drawing even more eye popping!
kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/5/11 - 18:20:45
Thanks Skullzhead! I had fun doing those colors. I actually based those colors after a bird of paradise. And Thank you Dreyacira. I Do think I won't ban it forever as you advised (I don't think i even could if i honestly wanted to XD), but I do think i will at least try once and see how it goes. Never know until you try right?

(46388) (link) Oekaki by miles, total drawing time na

miles [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 23:35:57
haven't done a big picture in such a long time..

gonna enter this into the art gallery in neopets..
wish me luck because i've entered heaps of times and they've always rejected me (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ

anyway yeah
jhudora (c) neopets
art (c) me

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 6:18:55
Miles this is just gorgeous. I stopped breathing for a moment when I saw it. The colors and the shading are so soft and lovely. My favorite thing from you is always the way you do hair, you're so talented with it. Here is no exception, it looks amazing. And her face is so pretty! I love those eyes and those lips. Good luck!
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 11:6:24
Wow, the hair is awesome !!! Loving them wings :D The smoke texture is really cool too!
neduls [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 11:32:3
Yay neopets!

But yes, This is gorgeous. I love the face and specially the nose. Its quite lovely. <3 <3
[anon]dragongirl508 2013/5/3 - 16:20:43
i knew who this was the moment i saw! i finally got back onto neopets~
kenderkat [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 17:40:16
i love the shading on her hair. uwu i hope you get in!
miles [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 19:47:13
drey> aghghghhh oh my gsoshness thank you ヽ(;▽;)ノ
i'm really glad to hear you like the hair.. i worked on it for so long but it wasn't turning out the way i wanted and i'm still not too happy with it but ahhghghh thank you ;w;
imaga> thank youuu :D
neduls> yay :^)
thank you so much!
dragongirl> glad she's recognisable =w=
kender> thank youuu.. i hope so too ;w;
catgirl [Profile] 2013/5/4 - 3:6:0
That's really pretty, 'specially like the shine in the eyes.
missscythe [Profile] 2013/5/4 - 4:31:9
the lips
thelipsthelipsthelipsthelijldhfsjlhfsdjlhlj oh gosh they're SO NICE <3

Truly gorgeous work! I can't believe they have ever rejected anything of yours! D:< Best of luck with this, although this time I'm not sure if you'll need it because this is just too beautiful ;o; aaah
[anon]miles 2013/5/5 - 2:48:24
catgirl> thanks ;w;
amber> ahhgghhh thank you so much! i really hope i get in ;w;
[anon]miles 2013/5/9 - 18:25:30
update: well i didn't get in for this week's selection..
but we shall see what happens.
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/5/11 - 14:13:32
Beautiful! She has lovely features, and you colored her so gorgeously I don't want to look away. Good luck next time as well~!
miles [Profile] 2013/5/14 - 23:40:42
skullzhead> thank you so much ;w; i think i will need more than luck though because i have been rejected yet again.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/16 - 4:13:33
Ahhhh, noooooooooooo D:

(46387) (link) Oekaki by iceclaw, total drawing time 1 : 21 : 49

iceclaw [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 19:36:43
a stream

[anon]ek 2013/5/2 - 19:38:1
ooh this is very nice
i like this
and the sort of impressionistic style you've got going on with the greenery and water. :]
yes very nice.
[anon]iceclawmobile 2013/5/3 - 9:47:49
Thanks. It's modeled after a place I used to go to. I wanted to capture its calmness, peace and isolation. The spirit of the place was always a different world, like everything outside was just a dream, like nothing really existed beyond the crest of the hill. It was lovely in the summers - to go into these woods and forget the world for a few days - then return fresh like awaking after a good long nap.

I also attempted to capture a little sadness because the place is gone now.

Not sure if I succeeded, but hey.
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 13:30:57
pretty! The water looks so real....
prysm [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 21:17:44
This is really cool. And the fact that EK likes this just makes it all the more awesome. c:
[anon]miles 2013/5/5 - 2:46:59
wow this is so beautiful.. i really love your colours.
[anon]skullzhead 2013/5/8 - 12:37:19
This is very pretty, and nicely done as well. You chose perfect colors for eveything. I like how the scenery reflects vaguely in the water, and how you made ripples and highlights on the water's surface. It's all so eye popping! *w*
catgirl [Profile] 2013/5/8 - 19:28:41
I think you succeeded. It seems a bit.. melancholy, somehow. Maybe the lighting, good bit of blue sky, but I could easily believe it was overcast otherwise. Anyway, nice job with the reflections and the environment in general, very convincing.

(46386) (link) Oekaki by [anon]miirshroom, total drawing time 1 : 36 : 28

[anon]miirshroom 2013/5/1 - 18:8:5

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/5/1 - 21:53:25
That is so AWESOME!!!!! Those wings and the spear in particular are really cool.
missscythe [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 1:20:4
WOW I simply adore this! I love the shading on the entire figure and the shape of the wings. The colour of the earth is also simply gorgeous! :3
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 4:1:54
HOLY....!!!!!! Man, I love this. The lighting is awesome, and you've captured the mood so perfectly.... I applaud you!
keidarancitygirl [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 7:53:0
Wow! This is so amazing! You captured everything so perfectly :)
dragon_fang [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 8:13:35
This is awesome! I love the transparent effect of the lighting showing through one of the wings~
lady_miragon [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 11:22:20
The colors and the wings are fantastic! I love the mood you created and the lightning is great. Wow, good job!
[anon]miles 2013/5/5 - 2:47:33
incredible work.. your shading is beautiful as always :^) you put so much depth into your pictures.
miirshroom [Profile] 2013/5/7 - 17:18:14
lol, I kept meaning to check back on the comments and forgetting. Thanks yo!
I was trying a more speed-paint feel than usual here =)

(46385) (link) Oekaki by ralltiiri, total drawing time 2 : 30 : 25

ralltiiri [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 11:28:8

ralltiiri [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 11:29:24
Shooooot, I was going to save. But this is fine as is. Varus from League of Legends on the upcoming map, Howling Abyss.
[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:33:37
dang, this looks great! i can't imagine what else you wanted to add to it.
i really love the ice vine thingies.. they curve really nicely.

(46384) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 1 : 13 : 3

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 8:12:22
The last of the legitimate requests, Catgirl's fursona for Catgirl.

My cat always licks her paws like this.

lemmyloop [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 8:33:58
I love the silver coloring of the fur. So pretty.
moo492 [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 8:39:9
I love the shading and fur detail in this. :) Very cute.
[anon]catgirlisnotloggedin 2013/4/29 - 1:10:10
Awww! I love the eyes, and the shape of the head, it's so *cat*! And all those cute whiskers. Nice shapes, too (and yay for getting the long tail!) and such well-drawn feet. :3
amyd [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 1:28:36
That paw is amazing! ;0;
Great job with this painting.

saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:11:23
Oh gosh, your fur textures are just mind-blowingly awesome!! Great anatomy (as usual :) ) and the paws are so cute :3 The shoulder is amazing too!.. How do you draw so well so quickly?! ;A;
[anon]miles 2013/4/30 - 22:34:1
this is so lovely *w* i love those paws woooow
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 19:32:19
Thanks everyone!
Lemmy: Thanks! I think it was just supposed to be gray but I got a little carried away with the coloring.
Moo: Thank you! I always love to draw fur.
Catgirl: I'm glad you like it! Thanks for all the nice comments!
Amyd: Thanks! I like to draw round little cat paws.
Saffron: Aww, thanks so much! Getting a tablet sure helped me to draw faster.
Miles: Thank you! I had fun with the paws. =3

(46383) (link) Oekaki by pumadragon, total drawing time 0 : 56 : 38

pumadragon [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 10:42:55

ATTENTION: Please, please please pleeeaaaase click the link. I know it's annoying to not just be able to scroll continuously, but I didn't mean for this to happen. I was gonna post a pic a few days ago, but I had some internet problems which caused me to lose my picture, save for a screenshot and a previous version of it in a saved file. I felt incredibly annoyed and sad when I couldn't post the picture, but I've spent at least a couple hours on the thing, and I felt real proud of it. It's a picture of the character to the left hear, except waaaaaaay better and much cooler. It was something that I got inspired to create when I went to Disneyland over Spring Break. It's a humanoid that lives in a space station.

C&C on the link, not this pic (This one was just a sketch, not that much effort) would be very appreciated! Thank you!

[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:25:13
i can totally see the space mountain influences in the design =w=

anyway looking really good! i really dig the shines in the skirt. the pose is really nicely done, too, and i also like those wings.
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 17:9:53
When I first went to Disneyland, I was seven, and I guess I was probably tall enough to go on Space Mountain, but it was closed because it was being worked on. It was the first ride I went on when my family went there this year, and I had no idea what it would look like, but when we came up at the top with all the stars and everything, it was like......wooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah......... *o*

Not to mention the music is pretty inspiring. :)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 14:53:34
Wow, that's amazing! The movement is real nice, and her ears, I love the ears :D
[anon]lilydragon 2013/5/26 - 9:48:13
about the link...
I can't go anywhere with it because of parental controls. This pic is cool though!

(46382) (link) Oekaki by ninjataco, total drawing time 0 : 45 : 22

ninjataco [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 22:8:43

ninjataco [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 22:9:21
Oh no ;o; I didnt save!!!
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 9:41:22
Oh nooooo!! ;A; It was turning out awesomely though, maybe you can continue it somewhere else? ;~;
pumadragon [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 10:49:8
T_T I am sad that the oekaki didn't save this one, it looked like it had LOADS of potential to be epicly awesome. I like the anatomy of this creature.
ninjataco [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 11:47:48
I will finish it up later X3
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:25:48
sucks.. i hate it when the oekaki does that.
it was looking really cool though.
dragon_fang [Profile] 2013/5/2 - 8:14:50
I can't wait to see this finished, it was looking really cool!

(46381) (link) Oekaki by ferris, total drawing time 4 : 20 : 0

ferris [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 21:49:12
Man, I like hoodies way too much. Anyways, left is another design for the character, right is revamp of an older design. The character will be used for a future project that is fully experimental. Tell me which design you like better, please. Ignore the white space in the middle.

ninjataco [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 21:51:10
Wwooo I Love this <3 Good colors on them
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:26:47
i can't decide which one i like better.. they are both so awesome :^D
though i think i'm leaning to the one on the right.

those legs are so nice ahghhhh and i love the anatomy here.. really nice posing. great work.
ferris [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 14:55:0
Thank you both!
catgirl [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 1:52:16
I like the one on the right's headgear better, but the one on the left's outfit is more striking. Part of it's the color, the pink really looks glowey.

(46380) (link) Oekaki by ninjataco, total drawing time 2 : 2 : 26

ninjataco [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 20:47:20
I is cuter then a button XB

ferris [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 21:50:7
I love the expression so much~ The background is cool, too.
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:27:25
i thought this was exoticdreamer at first..

i really love those teeth and colours :^)
imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 13:10:50
Yesh, you ish so very cutesumm :)
I really like the line art and the bubbly background. The eyes and shading are soooOO awesome!

(46379) (link) Oekaki by amyd, total drawing time 6 : 51 : 46

amyd [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 20:34:46
This is a full version drawing of my character Tenga.
The head and the tail really annoyed me. The tail doesn't to look like that.
C&C would be much appreciated.

kestrelflight [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 15:0:20
I think the head is lovely (especially the eye!), but if you already drew him before and are comparing him to the original head, try outlining them both with shapes and see if they match up? As for the tail whether or not it is the same as the original, my thought is that maybe it should be a bit wider at the base. Hope that helps :)
amyd [Profile] 2013/4/27 - 15:27:24
Thanks! >U<
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:28:7
wow, that head is amazing! there's a lot of detail there. great work.
i also really love those leggss
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:15:48
I think the head detail and personality is awesome! Those toes too <3 My only critique is that the head and torso looks too large for the hips and legs but that might be deliberate as I know birds have a similar anatomy~just my opinion. But honestly I love this character!!
amyd [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 23:6:48
Thank you very much for all the comments! C>

(46378) (link) Oekaki by digidragon, total drawing time 2 : 11 : 27

digidragon [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 15:31:28
This is for skullzhead for winning second place in my contest.

BJ being visited by some blue birds.

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 15:49:53
Aw, those blue jays are so cute and pretty. I'm in love with all the different blues you used in this picture. And that shine on BJ's nose, so pretty!
skullzhead [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 18:11:31
Oooooh yeaay! I was hoping I'd catch this while it was first. ;~; So cute! Thanks!
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:28:41
this is so cute :^) i love the colours and perspective... brilliant work.
missscythe [Profile] 2013/4/29 - 19:43:51
I love this so much! It's completely adorable, the grass looks really nice too. :3
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:7:5
So much cuteness! Love the eyes and colours <3

(46377) (link) Oekaki by imagamaker, total drawing time 0 : 49 : 11

imagamaker [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 13:52:52
I'm getting my inspiration back! :)
This is Winter. She likes to pull pranks and tricks on people, but she has a cold heart, and most of her jokes can be really cruel.
Next; Spring!

[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:30:14
she looks really cool!! i love her pose here and the blues are used very nicely. she definitely looks like the personification of winter.
one crit would be about her chest though.. it looks pretty cramped? as if something is compressing it? if she's wearing tight clothing generally it would conform to shape her breasts rather than flatten them.
saffron_shadow [Profile] 2013/4/30 - 9:16:25
Nice! Love the expression!
[anon]skullzhead 2013/5/8 - 12:39:50
asdfghjkl, She fits in perfectly with the rest of you characters! Her designs is pretty awesome, I like how you used blue to shade everything. I hope to see more of this Winter~~

(46376) (link) Oekaki by dreyacira, total drawing time 1 : 21 : 29

dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 12:50:36
Scythe for MissScythe.

missscythe [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 17:16:51
Dreya you got every single feature of her spot on! I can't believe how perfectly you've depicted her! :3 I absolutely love the pose and her expression. And your colour and shading is astounding as always. I also love that slight movement in her necklace! And you couldn't have picked any better colours for the backgroundfdjlhjldhf <333
Thanks so much for this, it's so perfect!
amyd [Profile] 2013/4/26 - 18:16:36
As MissScythe said in the comment above the colours are astounding. As always the textures and the shading are to die for! '0'
Great job with this.
[anon]miles 2013/4/27 - 21:31:18
wooooww this is just stunning *w* you really tackled Scythe's design! it's complicated and yet you pulled it off perfectly and, as amber said, didn't miss a single detail.
i love that fur texture and pose.. everything is just perfect in this picture.
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/4/28 - 6:55:19
Thank you all!
MissScythe: Yay, I'm so glad you like it so much. And I'm glad I did a good job with the markings, I was worried I'd missed some. You're welcome!
Amyd: Aw, thank you! I do love to texture.
Miles: Thanks! I don't normally draw very complicated designs, so I'm very glad it came out so well. Thank you for commenting on my drawings so much, it means a lot to me.

[anon]catgirlisnotloggedin 2013/4/29 - 1:12:14
Oh! very cool. Good mood, I really like the expression, and how the green seems to glow. I never realized just how much detail Scythe's markings had before. <3
[anon]miles 2013/4/29 - 4:5:15
no worries, no worries. i'm glad you appreciate them :^)
dreyacira [Profile] 2013/5/3 - 19:34:8
Catgirl: Thank you! I didn't realize either until I started drawing her. But it was fun.
Miles: =D

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